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  • Boho look
  • Alexander McQueen ♥♥♥
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  • (Flash-forward) Olivia; A very alive prince
  • Genovia's Day state dinner and ball at Alcott Palace
  • Genovia's day service and parade
  • Decoration ceremony at Alcott Palace

  • I Come Alive In The Moonlight
  • Forgive Me Once Again
  • Darlin'
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  • -read- Having bath with George and comforting him
  • Spending time in George's apartment, trying to calms him down and unexpectedly being visited by King and Queen
  • Arriving with George in the Portland Hospital for visit Mary and being spotted by paparazzi
  • -read- Going to wakes Mary up and finding her unconscious

  • Lord & Taylor Celebrates The Dress Address
  • 2017 Asian Film Awards (11th)
  • 2017 World Water Day
  • 2017 Malaga Film Festival

  • (Read) Hosting a Tea & Tiaras Party at Kensington Palace for girls and boys from the Little Princess Trust
  • (Read) Meeting her new PO Sgt Kim Hughes after their weekly mall council meeting
  • (Read) Attending the 80s themed bi-annual Honeypot Party at The Dorchester Hotel in London
  • (Read) Posing for a picture after breakfast with the kids and Fred for the London Marathon
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  • Going Cake Tasting with James + Choosing their Wedding Cake Design
  • Having Her First Dress Fitting with Her Mother, the Queen, Alexandra, and Kate
  • Chatting with Mary and Christina + Being Told That Natalie is Spreading Rumors about Her behind Her Back
  • Going to Dinner with James at The Kitchin

  • Going to Dinner with Carl Philip + Getting to Know Each Other
  • Calling Madeleine to Tell Her about Carl Philip + Getting a Surprise Visit from Him to Be Asked on a Date
  • Being at Work + Receiving Flowers from Carl Philip
  • Having Breakfast with Carl Philip + Discussing the Previous Night's Events

  • 2016 Milan Fashion Week: Roberto Cavalli S/S 2017 Presentation~ Ciara
  • 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards~ Julianna Margulies
  • 2016 MTV Movie Awards~ Brittany Snow
  • 2017 Jimmy Kimmel Live (4/18)~ Katherine Heigl

  • Nina Dobrev - Coachella 2017
  • Nina Dobrev - Coachella in Indio - 15/04/2017
  • Nina Dobrev - "The Promise" film premiere in Los Angeles - 12/04/2017
  • Nina Dobrev - Leaving the gym in Hollywood - 18/03/2017
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